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Vietnam- Hanoi


Aunty Janet haha, the children sound EXACTLY like children the world over!

Jane it'll get easier

Eleanor Remember stamping on the bag of crisps in Gails car ? It's come back to haunt you !!!!!!!!!

Gran & Alan xxxxxxx Grandpa used a slipper on his children at school.Perhaps NOT A good idea.

meg x maybe keep a good selection of change :p so you arent relying on them giving you the correct amount back!

Georgie Janet,what sort of teaching have you done? Was it dance teaching? And hahaha I resorted to pretending to hit them over the head with a book! Yes Meg, thats how to do it, the problem is the bank gives out 100,000 dollar notes!! Stamping on crisps was not my idea mum, I was misled!!

Bernice/Brian Well, at least you've got helpful adults to share this with. It will get easier they're bound to try it on! And you are so resourceful at thinking of alternative approaches - I'm very impressed (Gran)

Georige Aaaawwww thank you Gran! :) xxxx

Alex All sounds quite "challenging"??? Ah, the joy of imparting learning! Rather you than me. ps if you need some extra resources posted out, let me know (I can get free print outs from the centre where I work - as long as you dont need thousands at a time :) )

Georgie Awww thanks Alex, Im ok at the moment because we just follow the book nd its very regimented....!! Lots of repetiton and drilling... uuuggghhhhh kill me xxxxx

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